Happy Birthday Todd Rundgren! Seven Todd Songs Of Celebration!

Happy Birthday Todd!
I’m just going to re-blog John’s Celebration here and add three more songs to the mix, so let’s make that 10! Including the first song I ever heard by him, 48 years ago… the song that made me a Todd Fan For Life (TFFL):
“Open My Eyes”, with the Nazz, 1968

From 1975 and the album “Initiation”, here’s “Real Man…

And more recently, from his album “Liars”, this is “Godsaid” from 2004…



Todd Rundgren Something Anything

Happy Birthday Todd!

All Todd Rundgren fans know that today is his birthday, and I wanted to look at some of the songs from some of the albums that he has released over his long career.


He has taken some interesting paths in his musical career, but fans stay with him because there is true genius in his work.

Here are seven great songs from seven incredible Todd Rundgren albums…why seven? WHY NOT.

Faithful Todd Rundgren

“The Verb To Love” From “Faithful!”

“Faithful” is one side of classic songs Todd “covered” faithfully, and the second side is simply one of his greatest collections of songs ever, including this 7-minute ballad.

Here is a great live version of the song, performed with Utopia, from 1977:

Read all about the album that produced this incredible song by clicking on my “Faithful” story here:



“The Want Of A Nail!” From “Nearly Human”

“Nearly Human” is…

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