new song, “impermanence” released 7/17…

And this week, “Impermanence” has been released as of Thursday…. and now available on all the major outlets, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, CD Baby, and Bandcamp, available in your choice of MP3 320 and FLAC (lossless) downloadable files on the latter two. And here it is from SoundCloud… Thanks for listening!

(© 2014 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

The image of this gargoyle is one I’ve used before – it appeared on the inner sleeve of the previous CD “Another Day in Paradox” and it has a certain amount of personal significance for me. ‘Impermanence’ itself – one of the four noble truths in Buddhism – simply means life is constant change, from one state to the next, moment by moment.

Notes from a St. George's publication... The church was built in 1907 and is a national historic landmark as of 2007.
Notes from a St. George’s publication… The church was built in 1907 and is a national historic landmark as of 2007.

This particular gargoyle can be found at St. George’s By the River Episcopal Church in Rumson, New Jersey. This is where I spent the first year-and-a-half of my life and where I was baptized. My grandfather, Dr. Canon George A. Robertshaw, was the rector (senior pastor for those not familiar with the term) of St. George’s for many years until his death in 1964. St. George, patron saint of England who slew the dragon in mythical lore, so it hardly seems like a coincidence that – as my granddad’s name was George – he should be there and that the church flourished and grew during his tenure.

St. George's By the River, Rumson, NJ
St. George’s By the River, Rumson, NJ

My mom, Joyce, grew up here at the rectory, the residence at the church at 7 Lincoln Avenue, for much of her early life, and this is where she met my dad, Paul Lindsley Thomas, who came to the church as assistant organist and choir director in 1950. They got married here and then I was born in 1956 down the road a little ways in Asbury Park, so these are my roots.

After we moved to Dallas, Texas in 1960, we returned every summer to the Jersey shore for a few weeks and stayed on the grounds, and I can remember as a little kid walking the grounds and looking up at that gargoyle and being fascinated by it. Some images just stick with (or haunt) you for the rest of your life and this seems to be one of those for me. [Perhaps also not coincidentally I heard my first Beatles’ songs, “Twist and Shout/There’s A Place” there in Rumson during the summer of 1963.]

I haven’t been back to the Jersey shore for a long, long time (1976). I’m sure way back then as a kid I couldn’t articulate that this image somehow reminded me of the fleeting nature of life, constant change, or of various changing emotional/mental states, but it sure did when I was walking around with the chord progression and that repeated guitar lick in my head months before I recorded it in June.

Notes on the recording:
“Impermanence” was recorded in June, 2014 at the ‘Cave Recording Studio, Golden, Colorado,
Craig C. Thomas – all instruments, engineering and production
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering, Huntington Beach, California

Hope you enjoy! Until next time…

"Summer Madness" - MP3 single, May, 2014
“Summer Madness” – MP3 single, May, 2014
The single "Impermanence"... to be released on 7/17
The single “Impermanence”… released on 7/17/14

The single, “Summer Madness,” from Nights on Venus is available as an MP3 digital download on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, and the NoV website as are all full-length albums.

Nights on Venus - the debut album (2011)
Nights on Venus – the debut album (2011)
"Another Day in Paradox" - 2013
“Another Day in Paradox” – 2013

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"In 4 the Evening," the new album (no. 2)...
“In 4 the Evening,” the new album (no. 2)… 2012

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