10 lessons learned from the worst band website in the world | CDBaby.com

As usual lots of good tips here from Jordan at Digital Bear, and also a timely reminder that it’s time to update my own website again. Great design is huge!

I Haven't Had My Coffee Yet -- Don't Make Me Kill You!

Chris Bolton

lessons learned from worst-websiteThe Lazer and the Beams website is a sight to behold. Flashing gifs, text marquees that scroll across the screen, head-bobbing cats, mixed fonts, tiled photos–it’s mesmerizingly bad. Luckily, they built a new website with HostBaby that looks totally awesome, but they’ve left the old site up so people can still gawk at — and learn from — the site that was dubbed the “worst band website in the world.”

If your stomach is strong you can view it here: www.lazerandthebeams.com

Once you’ve recovered, here are 10 things we can learn about web design from the worst band website in the world:

1. Where the hell is the nav?

Don’t reinvent the nav bar. As web users we have been trained to look for navigational items in the top third of the screen. We also look for particular words like “About, store, contact,” etc. This makes it…

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Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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