We’ve Become A Nation Of Scavengers

Re-blogging this as I’m currently working on a couple of posts I won’t get finished ’til probably next week – one on Jango Internet Radio and the other on Marshall Crenshaw’s 3rd installment (“Driving and Dreaming”) of his EP series – and we’ve just passed through the yearly insanity known as ‘Black Friday.’

I think in calling this a ‘nation of scavengers’ Doug is actually being somewhat diplomatic in his use of the word ‘scavengers.’ My own assessment of what we’re seeing increasingly every year at this time is a bit more harsh – greedy, narcissistic, mindless vultures (zombies, lemmings, whatever term you prefer…). If you’re familiar with some Buddhism… “the realm of the hungry ghosts.” Get what you can before somebody else does and “takes what’s yours”… And this is actually encouraged by these large corporations who pit people against each other with messages of “while supplies last.” Corporations – which are NOT people, but sociopathic entities -encouraging people into the worst kinds of social behavior all over essentially worthless STUFF, truly. Stuff that will most likely be forgotten or have to be replaced in only a few years (see more videos from Thanksgiving day here: http://gawker.com/the-best-walmart-thanksgiving-day-fight-videos-1473555155).

God forbid there should ever be food shortages on the shelves at your local supermarket (and yes, it can happen here)…

They’re ‘zombies’ in the sense that this shopping ‘frenzy’ has become a conditioned response by now through mainstream media and the tools of marketing/advertising. Conditioned consumerism (I’ll be talking more about conditioning in 2014). Greed, ill-will (toward others), and delusion (through the media) is the institutionalized American way of life. What we’ve become is a nation whose value system is completely out of whack, sick, and insane and doesn’t know what is truly important anymore… Seriously, this needs to change and very soon… like yesterday.


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Become A Nation Of Scavengers”

  1. I read your reply over at Essays in Idleness. You bought up a very interesting point with the realm of the hungry ghosts. Yes, it appears many Americans have drunk the Kool Aid and are willing to kill each other for trinkets. In the meantime, the corporate overlords are having a good laugh at the zombie consumer and masturbating at the thought of the profits they will make. Hungry ghosts, indeed.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really hadn’t planned to write on this topic but it had been on my mind earlier in the week and then I saw some of the videos from Thanksgiving Day. Probably the most disheartening thing here is that this becomes accepted that some people are going to behave this way every year, and then it becomes accepted that stores will be open now on Thanksgiving Day, and if you go to one of these stores, you know going in it’s going to be a free-for-all… and yet, people still choose to go? It shows the power of media conditioning.

      The hungry ghosts seemed appropriate – they are constantly extremely hungry and thirsty, but they cannot satisfy these needs. As far as the spectacle Black Friday has become, more and more non-participation in it would (hopefully) eventually lead to non-perpetuation of it.
      – Craig

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