colorado burning, 2013….

It’s deja vu… all over again.

By Wednesday afternoon the sky was hazy, smoky and smelled strongly of smoke from what seemed like a much closer wildfire, but yes, it was coming mainly from the Black Forest fire near Colorado Springs about 60 miles away.

I noticed on the stats this week for the blog that my post from about this same time last year, “Colorado Burning,” was getting the most hits…. but that was from last year. To avoid any confusion with what’s happening currently, I’ve taken that post down and have provided some links below to what this year’s situation is right now:

As of Friday, 6/14...
As of Friday, 6/14…

With all the snow and rain we had here in April and May the foothills where we live had been looking exceptionally green this year and I thought the fire danger might not be as extreme as it was last year, but with our low humidity and the first week of 90-degree plus temperatures, it doesn’t take long for things to dry out. Hopefully all the fires can be contained quickly with minimal further property damage and no additional loss of life.

For up-to-date reporting on the wildfires, click here for 9News….

On Twitter: Use the hashtags #BlackForestFire, #RoyalGorgeFire, #BigMeadowsFire, #COFire….

And from The Denver Post online

Royal Gorge Bridge, near Cañon City. Photo by Michelle Malkin.
Royal Gorge Bridge, near Cañon City. Photo from Fox21 News.

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