new songs: “aloft” and “golden light on the hudson”…

We close out the month of October – Happy Halloween, y’all! – with a couple of new songs from the upcoming 3rd album, “Another Day in Paradox” – “Aloft” and “Golden Light on the Hudson.” Interesting thing this 3rd album… what began as a ‘simple’ 4 or 5-song EP has blossomed into a full album (at least 12 songs) and quite possibly a double album now. Still remains to be seen, but as the ‘quick sketches’ of songs I recorded in the summer have developed into their full arrangements, it has become impossible to break them apart into bite-size chunks, like on an EP.

If “In 4 the Evening” was “the Luv album,” “Another Day” is the “Americana” album – not musically of course, as in the Americana genre (still mostly electronic, not much acoustic, although even that is changing a little) – but thematically. Interspersed in the album are a few songs about some places in America, some of it autobiographical, some of it just about the “idea of America”… some of it just about everyday life. Song titles are becoming a little more specific, less abstract… a recent example: “Ghosts of 1887 (Ballad of Clifford Griffin),” pulled from a bit of Colorado lore from the little mountain mining town of Silver Plume (and actually you can read the brief story on him here and it will give you an idea of what the song is about and how it’s arranged) … and also here with “Golden Light on the Hudson.”

Paragliding over Golden…

The first song presented, “Aloft,” isn’t so much place-specific – it was inspired just from watching people hang-gliding or paragliding off of Lookout Mtn. right here in Golden. Most every weekend when the conditions are right you’ll see at least a dozen or so people riding the air currents down from the mountain; occasionally a few will catch one of those currents for an extended ride, veer way off course, and end up landing over in our neighborhood. It looks like a blast… but neither Erin nor I will probably be doing this anytime soon. “When in doubt, go higher…”

(© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

The extended ending of “Aloft” segues into the next song, “Golden Light on the Hudson,” tracks no. 2 and 3 on the album…

(© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

“Golden Light…” comes from a recollection from a few years back when I rode the train (Amtrak) from Denver to New York City. The last leg of the 2-day journey by rail down from Albany, where the train parallels the path of the Hudson River from about Saugerties southward, through part of the Catskills, into the city is the most spectacular. In the fall, it is even more spectacular as the train brings you into NYC in the late afternoon and early evening and the late afternoon sunlight on the river is truly something to see… and where the song comes from.

Late-afternoon sunlight on the Hudson River…

I love taking the train, if I have the time, rather than flying and even if it is Amtrak, because you see things differently staying on the ground than from the air and there’s no TSA ‘goon squad’ groping your body parts when you board (although this may have changed by now). I love seeing the land I’m moving through, and you also see things differently when you take the train rather than by car – you can’t see what’s ahead, only what’s on either side. I’ve made the trip eastward a few times from Denver to NYC and back – it’s a mostly relaxing way to travel. The trains are always late coming in or going out of Denver, on time east of the Mississippi; you can live on White Castle burgers heading east from Chicago, catch up on your reading, meet some pretty cool people, listen to a lot of John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow across the Midwest, and you can grab your beauty sleep across Nebraska at night… both ways (it’s a lengthy state)!

BTW, if you come to Denver and ski at Winter Park, take the Ski Train from Union Station – it drops you off in front of one of the lifts.  Just step into your skis and away you go. Advanced skiers can make their way over to Mary Jane and the ride back into Denver on the train is always more enjoyable than the drive back on I-70.

As always, thanks for listening to the latest offerings from Nights on Venus and hope you enjoy. Later this week: a look at this Election Day, November 6th, 2012, with Mercury going retrograde (on Election Day itself), what that might mean (especially as Hurricane Sandy currently bears down on the East Coast), and a look back to previous elections in U.S. history when Mercury was retrograde, including one in particular – Election Day, 2000… and maybe also that chili recipe I mentioned last time…

“In 4 the Evening” is the second and current album from Nights on Venus and is available as a digital download on CDBabyiTunesAmazon.mp3Bandcamp and other fine online retailers. On CD through the NoV website.

“In 4 the Evening,” the new album (no. 2)…

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