3 new songs: “vanishing america”… “[influencing the] quantum field” and “another day in paradox”…

I’m back… after a slightly extended absence in September… and there’s a new look to the ol’ blog. Fall is in full swing here in Golden and we’ve already had our first snow yesterday at 6,000 ft. Hopefully we have an early winter with lots of snow here in Colorado and we’ll head up to the slopes a few times this season. The last couple of nights we’ve fired up the fireplace at La Casa NoV – the thing puts out a ton of heat.

It’s only October 6th, but already my favorite team, the Texas Rangers, is out of the baseball playoffs this year. Season over. Now I’ll go back to rooting for the Tigers or Orioles from the American League and the Cardinals from the National League. Would love to see a Tigers – Cardinals matchup in the annual Fall Classic this year (yeah, I’m a huge baseball fan). As for football, well, the Cowboys appear to have already tanked 4 games in so, go Denver Broncos!

The trees in front of our house. Leaves will be gone soon, probably by the end of the month…

This week, three new songs from the forthcoming album, and a few photos from our recent excursion into the high country. As usual, these are the home-mastered versions so essentially they’re finished demos – the final album versions may vary somewhat (hopefully not too much)…

The first song, “Vanishing America,” takes a somewhat nostalgic look back at things that used to dot the American landscape, such as drive-in theaters, that have fallen by the wayside into disrepair and into ruins. I’ve always had a particular fascination with ruins and societal artifacts from a bygone era. The first two album covers and the fact that “The Last Picture Show” and “Paper Moon” (both filmed in black and white, btw) are two of my favorite movies will give you a clue to what I’m trying to convey. I think a lot of that was influenced by driving through the Depression-era small towns in Texas back and forth between Dallas and Lubbock when I was in college (I went to Texas Tech).

Musically, the song segues from the previous one, “Stranded in San Jon” – something I’m doing more of on this album as most of the songs were conceived of and written as ‘pairs’ with no break in between. The guitar is double-tracked and then split between left and right channels, also something I’m doing more of on this album. There will be a video of this song to coincide with the album’s release which will draw a visual analogy between these societal artifacts and the gradual erosion of individual liberties in America, which is actually the intended point of the song. Hmm… getting political without words… what a concept!

(© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

Political aspect of the song aside, the section between 2:53 and 3:28 may be one of the most beautiful passages I’ve written/recorded thus far. Love it…

The second song here, “Another Day in Paradox,” the title track will also be the closing song on the album and ends things on a positive note. I meant to put it up on the last blog post but for whatever reason, didn’t, so I’m putting it up now. It segues from the preceding song, “The West, 2097,” and is kind of a bookend and summation of everything that’s come before on the album and all the contradictions, absurdities, joys and heartaches of everyday life (the album begins with “Genjōkōan – The Way of Everyday Life“).

(© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

The final song here, “[Influencing the] Quantum Field,” may be the real shocker… and it was kind of a ‘happy accident.’ It ends up being pure disco… quantum physics meets Studio 54. Like stepping back into 1978. Originally entitled “Changing Molecules by Thought,” it morphed into its present form and segues into “The West, 2097” at the end. It proceeds from a simple (enough) premise: “Thought is energy. Energy follows thought. Thoughts become things. Positive thoughts breed (‘beget’) positive results/outcomes.”

The final 3 songs on the album – “Quantum Field,” “The West, 2097,” and “Another Day in Paradox” – become “the crux of the biscuit” (F. Zappa) here, whether the album is 12 songs or becomes 14-15 songs. Don’t know yet.

(© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

While ‘pure disco’ may seem out of character, I’ve been using some hip-hop rhythms since the first album and the song works in the sequence. Two things I steer by with what I’m doing:  1) constantly surprise yourself and 2) go where the songs take you. Trust your songwriting – you never know where it can lead.

The road up Mt. Evans, highest paved road in the US, at the Mt. Goliath turn-off…
Close to the edge…
Mt. Goliath on the Alpine Loop trail….
Bristlecone Pine at the Mt. Goliath area…
The Mt. Evans Rd. to Summit Lake….
Summit Lake at 12,830 ft…. very windy and cold as you would expect at that altitude this time of year…
Mt. Evans from Summit Lake…
More Bristlecone Pines near the Mt. Goliath area… These trees live up to 2,000 years…

Hope you enjoy, thank you for stopping by, and happy listening! Next time, maybe I reveal my recipe for one type of chili I make (don’t worry, beer & wine are involved and not strictly for cooking purposes)… for your next fall tailgate party.

This week, stop by the NoV page on Facebook and wish Nights on Venus a Happy Birthday (October 8th). NoV is 2 years old on that day and, well, you know how 2-year-olds are…

“In 4 the Evening,” the new album (no. 2)…

“In 4 the Evening” is the second and current album from Nights on Venus and is available as a digital download on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.mp3Bandcamp and other fine online retailers. On CD through the NoV website.

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