album update… work in progress…

As we have moved into September and into the fall of what promises to be a very spirited election season here, if all the Facebook posts are any indication, work continues here at La Casa NoV on “Another Day in Paradox,” which has suddenly mushroomed from a projected 4 or 5-song EP into a full album. The summer months were unusually and wonderfully productive. 16 songs, in various states of completion, have been written and recorded over the last 3 months. In fact, in all the years I’ve been working artistically and musically, I can’t recall a more prolific time period (yay!). This represents something of a breakthrough in my way of working since I had been bothered by the lag time between when I first released a song early on and when the album it appeared on was released.

Artwork for the song “Another Day in Paradox”… and possibly the album cover…

What this means for “Another Day in Paradox” is that instead of releasing it by year’s end as an EP, the release date has now been moved back a bit to sometime between January and March of 2013. Four songs, in their final, home-mastered versions, have already been released online and you can find them here on ReverbNation if they haven’t been posted on the blog. I plan on previewing a couple more songs this month – “Aloft” and “Vanishing America” – which will be at least fully half the album (not including the 8-minute mini-epic “The West, 2097“). Watch for those in the next few weeks.

The music on this album is less ambient/chill as on the first two albums, more pop/rock, and seems to be shaping up as a study in contrasts, largely between East and West – the Eastern philosophy/religion I practice and espouse as a ‘Westerner’ and the idea and locale of the West itself. Several of the songs take place in the West (“Stranded in San Jon,” “The West, 2097,” and “Vanishing America”) and also explore the split between living in an urban setting, more or less, vs. the wilderness/frontier… thus the ‘paradox’ (“an enigma wrapped in a Twinkie” as Seinfeld put it). I hope to have videos of at least a couple of songs (probably Flash movies – .avi files) by the time the album is released.

In terms of album concept, this seems to have been somewhat unintentional but must have been rolling around in my subconscious for a while… I just go where the songs take me. Great word “paradox”… you can try this at home – substitute the word “paradox” for “paradise” in songs from the past such as Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradox”, Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradox,” and “Paradox City” from Guns ‘n’ Roses’ (or even from Nights on Venus’ catalog, “Paradox by the Lava Lamp”) – gives a whole new meaning to these songs.

As it is September now, that means prime aspen season in the high country over the next 1-3 weeks and Erin and I will be taking a few of the annual drives into the mountains of Colorado for some fall color. And that means ski season will be here soon (again, yay!). Below are a few pics from previous fall drives – enjoy ’em!

Near Squaw Pass on highway 103…
Close to the edge…
The highway up to Mt. Evans…

On the hike up Democrat Mtn. (appropriate? nah, I’m Libertarian/Independent…) above Georgetown and Empire…
“In 4 the Evening,” the new album (no. 2)…

In 4 the Evening” is the second album from Nights on Venus and is available as a digital download on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.mp3, Bandcamp, and other fine online retailers. Available on CD through the NoV website.  

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Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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