house in progress, house in order…

Spring has come to the Rockies – about a month early and unseasonably warm and dry. Rebirth, rejuvenation, everything’s blooming – all that stuff…

North Table Mtn. in North Golden from our patio. We'll miss seeing you every day after next week...

Work on the house – a.k.a., the project that ate the month of March – continues…

The "box" over the entry way.

But we’re almost there. Move-in date is next Friday, April 6th, and the movers have been hired. What follows is kind of a visual journal of the house in progress as it has come together over the last few weeks.

The dining area... going for kind of a 'Santa Fe' feel here and in the kitchen. The cabinets had just arrived.
And the kitchen, we spend a lot of time here... the whitewashed cabinets and linoleum flooring, c. 1996, are just a distant memory. Countertops arrive early next week and the old stove will be replaced by a stainless steel one. We wanted more color and we got it. A lot more warmth now...

While Erin and I haven’t done the physical work on the remodeling and there have been a couple of delays (typical, maddening), it’s been an exciting process to watch the vision (and revisions, only a few) take shape. This has been pretty much a 50/50 collaboration from the very beginning and happily, we’ve been in agreement on how we want the space to look almost the entire time.

Fireplace wall in the living room.
Upstairs bedroom.

In dreams, when you move into a new house it signifies a shift in consciousness (it’s all consciousness) and entering into a new phase or new area of life. When you have an opportunity to not just move into a new space but re-work it completely, it’s a totally new vibe… Feels like that (and yes, we’re feng shui-ing).

And the beginnings of the front part of the Mancave Recording Studio... ♫ “Purple walls, purple walls… ♫”
A few pieces have been moved in as of Friday...

There’s still a lot to do this week getting the old place packed and cleared out, moved, unloaded, and for this coming weekend it’s going to be chaos as any move tends to be. Hopefully we will settle in quickly.

Album update: House in order

Selection and sequencing of songs for “In 4 the Evening” is now finalized and the album will go to mastering later this month or early May. The album front cover is now finalized pending approval and licensing, and is shown below.

The cover for "In 4 the Evening," the 2nd album...

Spring… Rebirth, rejuvenation, everything’s blooming, and all that stuff… Cheers!

Nights on Venus - the debut album (2011)

The Nights on Venus debut album is available as a digital download (MP3) and can be found on CDBabyiTunesAmazon.mp3eMusic, and other fine online retailers. The new album “In 4 the Evening” will be released by Memorial Day, 2012.

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Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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