Re-blogging this as going to Nepal and Tibet has always been on my ‘bucket list’, but since I don’t particularly like to fly, especially in small planes… well, that may not happen this lifetime. Some incredible photography from the Himalayas….


Solu-Khumbu, also known as the Everest Region, is home to the biggest mountains in Nepal and the world. This trek required acclimatization to be taken seriously, thus I had time to write. Again, these are excerpts from my journal as we journeyed through the Himalayas.

On the way to Everest Base Camp

March 7, 2011.Namche Bazaar. We flew to Lukla in a small plane from Tara Airlines, filled with other trekkers as well. There was a very nice mountain view, but the flight was not as frightening as I expected. There was some turbulence closer to the mountains, which could easily become fatal if the plane is not directed correctly and kept centered. Perhaps the flight back will be more impressive, due to the short, inclined runway used for take-off. This reminds me of what Kenny told me that night back in Sauraha: that he knew I was cool…

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