one year of blogging…. getting from here to there….

It was a year ago this week that the Nights on Venus blog made its first appearance here on WordPress. Other than a very short initial post about the NoV store being open on ReverbNation, “getting my bearings (a.k.a., ‘yes, my GPS really was useless here’)” was the first real one. Just a quick look back…

The kitchen... gone are the boring generic cabinets and floor; the walls are next - we want color!

A lot has happened since then and things now are very different – I’ve been back in Colorado for a little over 4 months – but no less transitional. The anticipated move for mid-March isn’t happening yet although more and more boxes continue to stack up around my workspace. Maxx, our cat, likes to perch on the highest box; he’s getting closer and closer to the ceiling.

That move has been pushed back to around the end of the month now as all the requisite paperwork has been completed and remodeling has begun at the new casa NoV. While it’s exciting to see the work begin – all the fixtures and cabinets have been ripped out and the work crew is starting to paint the walls – it leaves almost everything else in a state of flux where Erin and I are living now (though we’re not at the plastic utensil stage yet).

We’ve been given a drop dead date of April 1st, but right now “the waiting is the hardest part,” to quote Tom Petty… getting from here to there. The new place is only 15 minutes from where we live now and we’re only 2-3 weeks out from the move so we’re close, but right now that feels like forever. Given that I’ve been in a state of flux since early 2009, I should be used to this. Having helped a friend move into his new place the other day, it only makes me want to get this move done faster.

Likewise, the new album, “In 4 the Evening,” is all but finished but it’s that last little bit… getting from here to there. So close I can taste it. And of course when you’re that close, you want to keep moving, ‘get ‘er done’. Delays are vexing when you’re trying to make a drop dead completion date, even if it’s a self-imposed one. You don’t want to lose momentum on the project.

Sifting through the material this week, a new song has been added – “Incense” (no peppermints) – and possibly another shorter song – “Agave Dusk.” The album may have 11 songs on it, and possibly 12. Although the remodeling on the house will be done a little sooner than the final pre-mastering mixdown on the album, it seems they’re both at about the same stage. It’s all those final details…

This week the temperatures here in the Front Range are reaching the 70s and spring is just around the corner. We’ll probably have at least a couple more snowstorms in the next month, but when the weather is like this now, I start thinking about the hiking season ahead. I’m looking forward to it this year as always.

And it’s a good analogy and reminder for where I am now – it’s all journey and process. The top of the high mountain pass or peak may be your destination, but 3-5 miles in, it’s only half the hike – the other half of it is the hike back (fortunately, most of that is downhill). Hiking in the high country you know to get an early start and expect the unexpected – in the early afternoon, the clouds usually roll in and you’re probably going to get some ‘weather.’ Most of the time, that weather occurs on the hike back in the afternoon. I’ve been caught in a couple of blizzards on ’14ers’ (even in July), a few hailstorms, lightning storms, and more than a few downpours. Those are the delays and the unexpected on the trail and you can’t get impatient.

The work on the house and the album is far less dramatic or risky of course, and we’re not doing the bulk of the remodeling work, but not getting impatient applies here as well (and now Mercury has gone retrograde to boot). The trailhead – the beginning and the end – is in sight and we’re in the homestretch now. A few photos from various hikes are included below…

Trail leading to the top of Mt. Flora on the Continental Divide.
View southeast from the top of Mt. Flora.
Mt. Eva, Parry and Bancroft Peaks from the top of Mt. Flora (13,132').
Torreys Peak from the Watrous Trail near the Continental Divide.
On the Uneva Pass Trail, late afternoon.
Lost Lake, Uneva Pass Trail.
The start of the Mt. Bierstadt trail at Guanella Pass, looking north back toward Georgetown.
From the top of Eccles Pass near Dillon.
Mt. Flora and Breckinridge Peak from the Democrat Mtn. Trail south of Empire.
On the trail toward Vasquez Peak, west of Berthoud Pass.
Engelmann Peak, from the Continental Divide Trail.

As for blogging and the seemingly never-ending search for subject matter, maybe after the new album is released (by Memorial Day) and I take a couple of [needed] months off, I’ll turn this into a hiking/photography blog for a while. Yeah, that sounds good.

Nights on Venus - the debut album (2011)

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