new song: “niteglo”….

Nights on Venus closes out the month of February with two new finished songs, one of which I’ve posted here. “Niteglo” is the latest installment from NoV’s forthcoming album, “In 4 the Evening” which I’m now scheduling to release by late May. Aside from possibly a few re-takes of some passages, recording of songs is now complete for the album leaving selection, sequencing, and pre-mastering prep to do.

Photograph by Noel Kerns.

And that’s a good thing. February has been a busy month here and the next few weeks are about to get a lot busier. The beginning stages of packing boxes has begun as Erin and I close on the new house tomorrow and prepare for the move in mid-March. It is a much bigger place than we’re in now only 15 minutes away and it also means larger studio digs for Nights on Venus and various other projects with a better, more comfortable listening room. More space (!), and preferably, we’ll be there for a long, long time (a few years at least).

It’s also a good thing because in the course of writing and recording songs over a period of months (8 to be exact), the work changes somewhat. Sometimes quite a bit. A lot of the sketches for the new material I’ve been writing this month clearly didn’t fit in with the rest of the album; I seemed to already be moving beyond the feel and mood of the current one into future work. Sometimes it’s hard not to get ahead of yourself when the work is going well and growing into new territory, so this seems to be a natural stopping point to wrap things up on “In 4 the Evening” (I4tE).

The new song, “Niteglo,” itself came from a song sketch I worked on during last year’s sessions but hadn’t fully developed then as I was in the finishing stages of the first album. The title comes from a natural phenomena called “earthglow” that happens in the uppermost regions of the atmosphere at night and is a little like the better-known aurora borealis but not as dramatic and occurs constantly (more space!).

“Niteglo” finds a much more welcoming home now on ‘I4tE’ in keeping with the more mysterious, haunting (and yet, upbeat and hopefully magical) mood I’m shooting for. So much of playing music is really about listening to what you’re doing, not unlike working in a visual art form and stepping back to see the work as it’s taking shape. The same applies to albums… what fits, what doesn’t, what’s needed, with what you’re trying to achieve (a great album!), which is one of the roles of a producer (yes, I am trying to “drum” up business here – hire me while I’m relatively cheap).

© 2012 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

The fade-out at the end actually leads into the next song, “Something Remembered Before Sleep,” which will be the closing track on the album. “Niteglo” will probably be the last song posted between now and when “I4tE” comes out. It’s an interesting process, posting songs to sites like ReverbNation and SoundCloud – as an artist you want to post new work so listeners get a sense of what you’re doing, what you’re about, and become familiar with your music (and, putting on my marketeer hat for a second, the NoV ‘brand’) and as a result listeners get to hear the album in progress as it’s ‘being built.’

Until next time, when serious packing will undoubtedly be in full swing here…

Nights on Venus - the debut album (2011)

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Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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