pay it forward, 2012….

From the Nights on Venus page on Facebook...

So far 2012 has started off quiet, busy, and intense. Workers continue to work on the roof here at la casa NoV, pounding, hammering, scraping, and sawing, in between snowfalls – we’ve had a couple of them in the first two weeks. And soon we’ll be moving to a new casa NoV, also here in Golden, as soon as inspections, the closing, and contract work are done, probably by early March. New larger studio digs for me and a larger place in general – it will be good. But first…

The subject of today’s post is something I ran across on my Home page on Facebook and comes from my friend Kyle.

Pay it forward 2012! I promise to make something homemade for the first 5 people who comment on my post. They must then repost and do the same thing for 5 people who comment on their status. The rules are that they have to be homemade by you, and they have to receive it before the end of 2012. I want to have fun making some neato stuffs! ^_^

I liked the idea and signed on for it. Kyle is also an artist although making ‘art’ specifically is not a requirement here – it’s just about producing something ‘homemade.’ It could be anything. So I decided to run with it and re-post it here on the blog this week. Think of it as an experiment in creativity and connection through social media.

So the rules are pretty simple here. The first 5 people to comment here on the post (no spam, please) will get something homemade from me by the end of 2012 – barring any unforeseen events and circumstances that would preempt that ’cause, y’know, this is 2012 – and all you have to do is re-post in your blog or Facebook page and do the same for 5 other people. And so on and so on…

Who knows where this could lead – it could become like an annual thing. What kind of ‘homemade stuff’ am I going to come up with? Don’t know yet – whatever I feel inclined to do, which is part of the fun. You never know how one simple act can affect someone or in what ways which is the whole idea of  ‘pay it forward.’ It has a rippling outward effect.


The new Nights on Venus website is all but finished and will be up before the end of this month. The URL will be:…..  but it’s not ‘there’ yet (thus no hyperlink).

Work continues on the 2nd album, “In 4 the Evening.” Currently finishing up a new song, “Niteglo,” which is probably as complex musically as the previous song, “A Succession of Moments,” was more or less ‘simple.’

The cover artwork for the new album is complete, pending approval and licensing.

And the About page on this blog has been updated now to include a more ‘complete’ bio on NoV and myself…

Nights on Venus - the debut album

The Nights on Venus debut album is available as a digital download (MP3) and can be found on CDBabyiTunesAmazon.mp3eMusic, and other fine online retailers.

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Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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