new song – “… and the meteors showered”…

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! Hope you had a good holiday and are enjoying the first holiday weekend. ‘Tis the season y’all…

I was hoping to get the blog up by yesterday but there was food to cook, dinner with friends and family, and also an unforeseen Bond (“James Bond”) marathon on the SyFy channel – and they were showing the really good Bond films, “Goldfinger,” “Thunderball,” and “Casino Royale” – and well… I should’ve known better that I just wasn’t going to get anything done at that point, especially after a few strong Mexican coffees for ‘dessert’.

This week, a new song: “… And the Meteors Showered.” November has been a busy month in the Nights on Venus sphere – there was the move at the beginning of the month, a couple of new songs posted, some logo design work and helping friends with their websites, and some astrological charting.

The Perseid meteor shower

The new song was written, recorded, and mixed in Golden once I got here and originally was entitled “Perseids” after the annual Perseid meteor shower that we see here every August. It’s a great show in the sky, particularly up in the mountains or out in the country when you’ve gotten away from the city lights.

If these heavenly bodies actually fell to earth with greater regularity, well… that would be bad (yes, I’ve seen “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact”), but for the most part they don’t, and we get to enjoy the show at a comfortable distance.

The song came together very quickly and I renamed it “… And the Meteors Showered.” It’s appropriately spacy and ethereal and has an ebb and flow to it that somewhat simulates the ebb and flow of the meteor shower as we observe it here. “…Meteors” seems to have a little bit of a holiday feel to it – at least to me – so check it out below and as always, feel free to comment.

© 2011 Nights on Venus/Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.)

And since we are now moving into the holiday season, the town of Golden finished putting up the Christmas lights this past week. A few shots from around town…

Washington St., downtown Golden

Greetings from Golden, CO... again

And with Thanksgiving behind us now, that means today is “Black Friday” (are you tired of hearing about all those “Black Friday ‘Deals'”?)… so here’s Steely Dan – some live footage. I’m observing the annual “No Shopping Day” today and the Christmas tree will go up – correction, will be assembled – later in the afternoon; tomorrow is “Support Your Local Merchants” day… so go out and support your local, independent businesses. They – and your local economy – will be glad you did.

Tree Update: The ready-to-assemble tree proved to be defective and made a return trip to Target the next day where it was subsequently exchanged. Maxx has now taken up residence underneath the new one…

Nights on Venus - the debut album

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Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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