post-baseball blues… and ch-ch-ch-changes…

Rangers' slugger Nelson Cruz figurine... with rosary and stick of gum

Nah, not really, but the World Series is over and I’m facing imminent baseball withdrawal. Bummer.  For the last 9 days over 7 games the fall classic between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals made for some riveting TV viewing (if you’re a baseball fan).  Well, maybe with the exception of Game 7 last night, which seemed anti-climactic, especially after the epic Game 6.

In the end, my team, the Rangers, lost the series for the second year in a row. Where they really lost it was in Game 6, the extra-inning game, after coming within one strike of winning everything – twice! Arrrrgh! – So close, and yet…

In the deciding game the following night, it looked like they just ran out of gas and never challenged again after scoring a couple of runs in the first inning – nothing left in the tank. The Cardinals overtook them and won. A tip of the cap to the St. Louis Cardinals – they earned it with their comeback(s) in Game 6.

And it was a great series to watch. I’ve followed Rangers’ baseball for 40 seasons now, to varying degrees – a lot of it forgettable or just plain bad baseball (often in insane 100-degree heat), most of it from afar – which must make me some kind of loyal, masochistic baseball nut, which if you’re a baseball fan, you probably are too in some way.

Derek Holland, bad 'stache and all, throwing a masterpiece - Game 4, St. Louis vs. Texas

Just love this game. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few Red Sox games in Fenway Park – far and away the best place to see a baseball game… anywhere. Next best: Coors Field where the Colorado Rockies play, sitting high enough up on the first-base side looking out to left field with the mountains as backdrop (Cubs’ fans will no doubt take issue with that, but I haven’t been to Wrigley Field).  Next lifetime I’ll come back as a southpaw with a 95-mph sinking fastball and a nasty slider.

Anyway, thanks again Texas Rangers, reigning American League champions two years running, for another great and memorable season (the “Year of the Napoli” – after catcher Mike Napoli) and we’ll get ’em next year. Where do they go from here? Who knows, but if you love a team – or band/artist – you stick with ’em. I’m sure I’ll sign up for another 40 seasons.

Now things can get back to ‘normal’ more or less which includes not watching a whole lot of TV again. Not much of a TV watcher – Cowboy and Bronco football games, “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Closer” (the girlfriend got me hooked on this, as I got her hooked on the Rangers), and an occasional episode of “South Park” and “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and that’s about it, so it’s back to business as usual. Which means working on the official NoV website (long overdue by about… a year) and writing and recording new songs. October has been a good month for that – 3 new songs, one of which I should be finishing up in the next few days. While I’m packing…


In another week or so I’ll be back in “the land of the ice and snow,” back home in Colorado and Nights on Venus will be relocated to Golden – back to where it all began. Just in time for ski season – yeah! Bonus! New job… other duties as assigned. So maybe it’s not exactly business as usual…

Aboard the mothership - always good martinis here...

The next song I’ll put up will probably be “Paradise by the Lava Lamp” – kind of an ambient/surf-meets-hip-hop kind of tune. It’s another short(er) one, clocking in at 4 1/2 minutes, so look for it to be up on the blog next week. And work proceeds on the second album, tentatively entitled “In for the Evening” (working title: “The Luv Album”). Looking at a release date of spring/summer 2012, around about June again. Initially I thought it would be a 4-5 song EP, but with the wealth of an “ear-catching bouquet of melodies,” it’s becoming a full-blown album.

Nights on Venus - the debut album

Until then, the debut album from Nights on Venus is available as a digital download (MP3) in all the usual places – CDBaby, iTunesAmazon.mp3, eMusic, and other fine online retailers.

Oh, and Happy Halloween, y’all. BOO!!

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Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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