how i spent my summer “vacation”…

I don’t remember ever having to do one of those ‘vacation essay’ assignments way back in school so maybe I’ll sort of do one here, and actually that should read: ‘how I’m spending my summer vacation’… while I’m in the process of spending it. As far as any vacations go this year, this is probably it. Spend it wisely. Don’t spend it all in one place.

Vintage sign at Golden Bowl

And it’s not really a true ‘vacation’ – it’s a working vacation of sorts. There is the “Perpetual” job search still in progress (although that is not what that song is actually about) and a storage unit up in the mountains still to clean out while I’m here. And there’s music to record and a blog to write.

Otherwise, this afternoon I’m out and about in downtown Golden, Colorado, writing – blogging – from a coffee shop, waiting for a good thunderstorm to materialize and cool things off. It seems to be hot everywhere. So far the would-be T-storm has only teased us here, and it looked so promising only a couple of hours ago. At least the cloud cover is helping to keep the temps down. The wind picks up outside, kicking up some dust and sending those little white ‘cotton spores’ from the cottonwood trees flying past the window. In the distance there’s a flash of lightning and the low rumble of thunder. OK, now we’re getting somewhere. And finally, some drops of rain start to come down…

The rain lasts for all of about 10 minutes – not even long enough to get the sidewalks wet, but it is slightly cooler and there’s more of a breeze when I leave. There have been trips into the mountains and the First Friday Street Fest is coming up in a couple of days as we head into the 4th of July weekend. Some snapshots from the trip so far…

More pics in a few days…

Outside the Little Bear in Evergreen

New music coming soon… I have been writing and recording some new tunes while I’ve been back in Colorado these last few days. One is fairly close to being finished, a slightly more uptempo – cracking the 100 bpm barrier – pop/rock piece as yet untitled which will be finished once I get back to Dallas, so look for it to be there on the NoV page on ReverbNation sometime about mid-July.

The Nights on Venus debut album is now available as a digital download on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.mp3, and other fine online retailers…

South Table Mtn. and Castle Rock, a Golden landmark, near Coors Brewery
With the spring runoff, Clear Creek's water level is very high. It's currently closed to all but kayakers.
You have just entered "The Lobster Zone" at the Buffalo Rose. In a variation on the old arcade 'grab the stuffed animal with the mechanical claw' machine, here you try to catch a lobster. For $2. As the sign says, "you catch 'em, we cook 'em."
North Table Mtn. at dusk
Street scene from First Friday in downtown Golden, CO (7/1/11)
Patio at the Buffalo Rose, 1st Friday (7/1/11)
"Go west, young man..." Mural of painting by Hal Shelton, downtown Golden.
A familiar sight: Saturday morning traffic on I-70 as we head up into the mountains..... If you live here, you know...

Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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