marketing & promotion 101…

So… you’re an indie recording artist, you’ve just finished and released your first album, you’ve managed to get some Internet radio airplay, get a small, but growing, fan base and some support along the way, some modest sales of the new album in the first few weeks since its release date, you’re on the social media outlets, you think your music is pretty good even though it doesn’t fit cleanly into any one easily identifiable genre, and you may even have a fledgling record company that you began under the DIY (Do It Yourself) ethos that operates on a sliver of a shoestring budget. Inevitably, the question arises: “OK, now what?”

More specifically, as you’re trying to promote your own work and the album, just how much marketing and self-promotion, and what type, do you do? Do you go outrageous or overboard (not my preferred style) or do you take a more measured, timely approach? How much promotion is too much, or – since this is marketing – is there such a thing as too much promotion?

There’s an old adage that “if you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will”, but do we really want to inundate people with e-mails or other notices? It seems there is a balance to be struck, but what is that right balance? Speaking of which…

The Nights on Venus debut album is now available as a digital download on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.mp3, and other fine online retailers…

These are questions every indie musician and band faces and there are some great articles out there that provide some helpful guidelines. But, indie musicians and fans of indie music, aside from gigs, press releases, the web/social media, and free downloads, what have you found that works? Or doesn’t work?  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this and would be happy to share a few of my own.

Todd and Michele Rundgren. Photo courtesy of Dan Higgins.

A special shout-out today, on his birthday, to a Wizard and a True Star… Todd Rundgren, and it is also his wife Michele‘s and his anniversary. So Happy Birthday, Todd! And Happy Anniversary you two! Many happy returns and hope the 1st Annual Musical Survival Camp in Big Indian, NY (near Woodstock, currently in progress) is a big success. Wish I were there….

Next week, back in Colorado for a week… or two… maybe longer.


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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