a parade 5 years in the making…

Nobody jumped the gun this time. They couldn’t – the games were too close; the outcome too much in doubt.

Dallas Mavericks’ fans remember [all too] well that a parade route was in the planning stages after the Mavericks took a 2 game to nothing lead over the Miami Heat in 2006, but of course never happened after they ended up losing the series in 6 games. So, after winning the “Round 2 Rematch” with the Heat,  the parade for the NBA Champion Mavericks takes place tomorrow, 5 years later.

First of all, congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks for winning it all this year and for a great season! And what a great, exciting series this was to watch – one of the more compelling NBA Finals in recent years. Games 2, 3, and 4 were nail-biters, and the often-used phrase “must see TV” actually applied here. The Lakewood Tavern, where I watched much of the series, was packed and rowdy every night a game was on (“oh the humanity!”).

Dirk Nowitzki arriving back in Dallas holding the Finals MVP trophy.

The Mavericks’ victory was sweet. While the sports analysts continued to wonder what was ‘wrong with LeBron’ the Mavs went about their business the way they have all season – with talent, hard work, perseverance, never quitting when things were at their most bleak while relentlessly pursuing their goal. They earned it. Some good lessons there.

Especially happy for Dirk Nowitzki who finally gets not only the championship ring (Cuban willing) and the Finals MVP trophy and a sandwich named after him at a Cleveland deli for the rest of June, but the massive recognition as, in coach Rick Carlisle’s words, “the best basketball player on the planet” which he rightfully deserves.

Also especially happy for the ‘Jasons’, Kidd and Terry… Kidd that he gets a championship ring (again, Cuban willing – aww, come on Mark, give the players what they want!) after 17 seasons in the NBA; for Terry, that he gets his ring and because he won’t have to have that NBA trophy tattoo removed from his arm (ouch – that woulda hurt!). Just a job well done all the way around and a great story these 2010-2011 Mavericks. Thanks to the city of Cleveland (@cavsformavs on Twitter) for their support of the Mavs during the Finals and thanks, Mavericks for an incredible playoff run – it was a great ride!

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Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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