album released… june 5th

And so, the debut album from Nights on Venus was released on June 5th and is now available as a digital download at and the ever-popular iTunes… other online retailers soon. The pebble has been cast into the lake…

ripple outward…

It was only a year ago that I was driving around at night down here listening to the early version of “Nights From a Rooftop” on the CD player in the car; today is the 8-month anniversary of Nights on Venus as a public entity.

Album Description: “Dense atmospheric, hypnotic, ethereal, cinematic instrumentals…. rich landscapes of sound that combine elements of ambient music and down tempo rock.”

Genre (officially): Rock – Post Rock/Experimental
Sub-Genre: Electronic – Down Tempo/Instrumental

So please buy a copy – or two – of the album… I’ve got that bid I want to place on MJ’s “Thriller” jacket coming up real quick (will the auction take place on eBay?).From CNN Entertainment blog post.

[Announcer’s voice] “In stunning colors of Red Raider scarlet and black, the King of Pop’s “Thriller” jacket makes  the perfect gift for your Texas Tech grad”… (I am one btw).

Could you imagine walking down a busy city street anywhere in the world with this jacket on? Or going to your local honky-tonk or trendy dance spot, getting your ‘robot on’ in this? Of course you never would – it would be ripped and torn asunder from your trampled, lifeless body within seconds. The jacket is instantly and indelibly recognizable, iconic. Which makes me wonder: shouldn’t the ‘Thriller’ jacket be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where it belongs? Michael Jackson’s in there (inducted in 2001); “Thriller” is still the No. 1-selling album of all time. Seems like the jacket should be there too… just sayin’.

Musings for this morning…

Anyway, the self-titled debut album from NoV has now been released – last month’s intensity doing final mixdowns having given way to the intense heat now here in Texas… and the NBA Finals. I enjoyed getting out last night, watching the game over at Lakewood Tavern with a few friends and watching the Mavs beat the Heat, 86-83. Except for the first game in Miami, all of them have been… thrillers (OK, you knew that was coming).

Coming up next, a few more days to relax and watch the conclusion of the Mavs-Heat series, a return visit to Colorado for a week or two (to escape the heat) and then start recording some new tunes. Go MAVS!


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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