are we there yet?….

Well no, not quite. We’re about 53 Miles West of Venus right now…

Which means the album has come back from Resonance Mastering and I’m currently listening to the tracks. So far it sounds great (like a million bucks – it cleaned up nicely) and aside from a few minor things to iron out it’s ready to go.

I am happy to report that the debut album will be released this weekend, probably June 4th or 5th. Tuesday at the latest. Initial home will be on the Nights on Venus page on ReverbNation and branching out to online retailers from there.

The final cover artwork was approved, mainly the permission and licensing for the use of Noel Kerns‘ photograph of Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo, Texas (a.k.a. “Carhenge”). Noel has some excellent night photography and I will probably use another of his photos in a subsequent NoV album. You can see more of his photography on his website; he reports that he is going to have a book published of his work in the fall this year, so check him out. He is also a musician (acoustic guitar and vocals) and you can catch him most Tuesday nights at Gloria’s Mexican restaurant in Addison playing hits by James Taylor, the Eagles, and Beatles among others.

And a news item from this morning… ‘Phonehenge West‘. It seems that a Los Angeles county resident, Alan Kimble Fahey, is facing off against the local bureaucrats who want him to tear down his house that he has been working on building for the last 30 some-odd years…. or face 7 years in jail. Los Angeles – home of the Watts Towers and other unusual, ‘outside the box’ architectural landmarks. Clearly this is not right. He has a Facebook page – ‘Save Phonehenge West‘ – which so far over 24,000 people have ‘Liked’ and the numbers are growing rapidly. So show some love, if you are so inclined, by going out to Facebook and ‘Liking’ the page. It’s unconscionable that he should be threatened with jail time after building and living in his home for that long simply due to the whims of his county’s changing building codes.

Next week… “Carphone-henge”…


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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