album coming soon… in june

Well, over the weekend the rapture fizzled (as we knew it would), no widespread looting took place (that I’m aware of), and the wedding went on as planned. I enjoy playing wedding receptions – everybody’s in a good mood (usually) and there to party, you get to schmooze, there’s free food & drink, and – unless you do something stupid or play incredibly badly (i.e., suck) – you’re not the center of attention. These are good things. It’s also a lot of prep work beforehand when you add cover songs to the mix and you’re doing it all solo. [Moving forward, I may be looking at adding a guitarist.] One thing about a Nights on Venus gig: there’s ample opportunity to slow dance, but I threw in a few 80’s chestnuts – “Whip It”, “Lips Like Sugar”, “Catch My Fall”, “Cars”, et al. – so it was a good mix of slow and fast(er) and from what I could tell, everyone had a good time.

This week… Aside from a few final tweaks to four songs, the debut album is complete and mastering will begin this week at Resonance Mastering in California. Brian Hazard will be doing the sessions. Release date will be on or around June 10th and hope to have it in the online retail outlets shortly thereafter. Initially it will be an MP3 only release – there may be a CD later at some point. But I’m planning on there being at least a digital booklet; below are the proposed front and back covers, pending approval, and shows the track sequence. “Nights From a Rooftop” will continue to be a free download from my page on ReverbNation; “Perpetual” ended up as kind of “odd man out” in the set but will be available as a bonus track.

As the album nears completion, I’m looking forward to having at least a couple of weeks off… it has been ‘one long year’.

Proposed album cover, pending approval. Photograph by Noel Kerns.
Proposed back cover, additional credits to follow. Photograph by Noel Kerns.

Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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