new song… “wind-down world”

The new song has been posted on ReverbNation – “Wind-Down World” – the 10th and final song that will be going on the debut album… finally. So the album is complete… mastering next week!

This new song sounds a bit different, maybe more esoteric, more electronic with all the computer blips and random noises. There’s more tension in it, more suggestive of a mechanized, computer-run world. The song takes kind of an unexpected ominous turn toward the end which surprised me a little so I went with it and added a few more layers of sonic complexity. And the title… what does that mean? Are we a world that’s in the process of winding down even as the pace of life seems to continually accelerate? Like a child’s wind-up toy that inevitably must start slowing down and stop at some point.

It seems we’re already pretty wound-up in ever-increasing complexity with things like Peak Oil (Hubbert’s Peak),  natural and man-made disasters,  global warming, bankrupt countries and governments, massive debt, bailouts,  continuing unemployment and hard times for many, as well as food shortages in many parts of the world to deal with (the laundry list is lengthy and seemingly endless) while technology races ever faster forward.

And now this! (as posted on Facebook):  Post Rapture Looting this Saturday, May 21st! As of this writing, 166,560 are attending. Apparently, the Christ is returning this  Saturday – so sayeth the billboards – and the looting will commence at 12 noon, everywhere. Shit… that’s only 3 days from now! I don’t think there’s enough time to get inked and sufficiently armed to fend off wave upon wave of zombies and I have the wedding gig to play that night; I don’t think Mark and Jo Ann planned for this when they set the date. And if this does happen and throws off the album release date, I’m going to be royally pissed!

And of course, I didn’t even mention next year – the impending 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. Will John Cusack be driving around, picking us all up in the limo? End times, y’all? I don’t know – what say you?

Or is ‘wind-down’ a call to do just that, as in “Wind down, world.” Unwind… slow down… not be so ‘wound up’ all the time. Chill. Most of our lives have become increasingly complex, stress-filled, rushed, hurried, and there seems to be a general sense of uneasiness, anxiety, and oh yeah, fear – at least this is just my own observation. ‘Wind-down’ is probably both – complex systems do inevitably break down in some way and I think we’re seeing a lot of this right now, and it’s also a necessity to relax in whatever way one can do that.

For me, and a lot of other people, than means daily meditation or just ‘unplugging’ from time to time… getting into a more quiet space. It’s not going to solve all the pressing issues and it’s not to be ‘blissed out’ all the time, just thinking everything is going to be fine – it’s for achieving balance. When I was living in the mountains in Colorado, I spent a lot of time hiking the high country; I miss that now, quite a bit. Getting out into nature and the wilderness… away from “the noise” of the modern (postmodern) world. So I’ve included some pictures below from some of my hikes over the years. I’ve got thousands of these pics so I’ll be putting more of them up here in future posts. Enjoy!

If we haven’t been ‘raptured’ (or looted) over the weekend, I’ll see you next week…

From the Eccles Pass summit, near Dillon, CO.
Summit Lake, Mt. Evans Wilderness, CO.
Part of the Sawtooth from Guanella Pass, Mt. Evans Wilderness, CO.
The trail going up Mt. Bierstadt, Mt. Evans Wilderness, CO.
Breckenridge Peak near the Continental Divide from Democrat Mtn., above Empire, CO.
On the way up Democrat Mtn., above Georgetown, CO.
Lost Lake on the Uneva Pass trail, near Frisco, CO.
The Tenmile Range from the Uneva Pass trail

Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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