new song… “pisces moon”

April… already? Really? Tax return due in 10 days and I haven’t even started… obviously I owe them or I would have already spent my refund last month.

This morning I’ve uploaded a new song online – “Pisces Moon“; you can find it on the Nights on Venus page on ReverbNation, freshly mastered, and also available in the NoV Reverb Store.  It is an advance track from the forthcoming album – still shooting for early June although that’s not set in stone. Also, if you visit the page on Reverb and sign up on the mailing list, you can get a free download of “Nights From a Rooftop“… such a deal! In planning out the album, “Nights…” will probably now be a bonus track on it as it is something of an ‘artifact’. The album pretty much consists of the songs on the NoV page, but I hope to have at least a couple of surprises by then.

Update: Donations are still coming in and being accepted on the  Todd Rundgren Fan Family Compassion Fund website  for our friends in Japan and the ongoing disaster relief effort. As of April 2nd, almost $7,000 has been raised from 175 donors. Visit the site for more info and/or to donate… The goal is to raise at least $10,000. Also visit the American Red Cross to donate to continuing disaster relief efforts in Japan.

The song “Pisces Moon is a bit of an ‘accident’ of the happy variety. Initially I had a different chord progression I was working with before I came up with that little guitar riff that runs throughout almost the entire song. I tried merging the two into some sort of verse-chorus arrangement but it wasn’t working, probably because the riff was in 3/4 time, so the riff took over and I just went with it. The melody is carried by the bass part and the ‘heavenly’ voices. I managed to stay off the flanger on the guitar until the very end; the rest of it is phasing. There was also another part written where I went into a G chord and picked up on the progression you hear at the ‘watery’ beginning and end parts of the song, but ultimately I left it out as it seemed to break the momentum of the guitar riff and a little out of place. By that time I had played it often enough so that now, like a musical ‘phantom limb’, I still tend to hear that part in my head sometimes and think it’s going to the G chord long after I took it out. Just a little bit there on the decision-making process, what to leave in, what to leave out, although I think much of that creative decision-making remains a mystery, not unlike the process I go through when I’m working on a painting – one is aural, one is visual.

moon over fishers peak, trinidad, co

Anyway, “Pisces Moon” is one of the more overtly mystical/spiritual pieces I’ve recorded (even though they all are to a certain extent, but shhh, don’t tell anyone). It’s kind of a musical representation of the astrological symbology
suggested by a Moon in Pisces placement on the birth chart – one that implies mysticism, sensitivity, a deeply-felt empathy with others that isn’t always expressed, intuition and ‘other-worldliness’, and a quiet nature that is best summed up in the phrase, “still waters run deep”, Pisces being ruled by the planet Neptune. So, enjoy!

For the next few days I’ll be taking a bit of break from recording and mastering, reconnecting with a few friends, maybe taking in a Ranger baseball game tonight or tomorrow…. and oh yeah, doing that tax return.


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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