are we not… nights on venus?

No, no, no… that’s not right. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Of course, as every DEVOtee knows, the line is: “Are we not men?… We are DEVO!” The spuds came through Dallas this past Saturday night at the Palladium just south of downtown and going to the show provided a much-needed break from work in the studio and hanging out at the house in general…

I’ve seen DEVO live about half-a-dozen times over the years and they never disappoint; Saturday night was no exception. I think back to the first time I saw them – probably the first time many people saw or even heard of them (unless you were from Ohio) – on TV on Saturday Night Live back in 1978, wearing those yellow industrial jump suits and performing their post-modern version of the Stones’ classic, “Satisfaction.” In their second song that night, they asked that famous musical question which was also the title of their debut album. After my initial reaction – “what the …?” (the first couple of seconds) – I got to thinking, ‘hey, this is pretty cool.’ By 1981, after we’d done our “duty now… for the future” and had whipped it “into shape”, they were “through being cool” and sang about this world being a “sweet, romantic place”. [Personally, if I was ever to do any film-making, I would start off the movie with their song “Gut Feeling.”]  Always cutting-edge, always ironic, and just as relevant as ever with their most recent album from last year, “Something For Everybody” – check out “Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man)” – it’s good to see them continuing, carrying on doing “what they do.” In fact, their website says they are ‘more DEVO than ever‘ – and they definitely did rock the place Saturday night. I think we could probably all use a little DEVO in these trying times. Now, when are the B-52’s coming to town?…

Meanwhile, back in studio NoV… mastering continues on the individual tracks, and it would probably be going somewhat faster if I wasn’t still writing and recording more new material. A new song this past week which I plan to have finished up, mastered, and available as an advance track from the album by this coming weekend. The song is called “Pisces Moon” so be on the lookout for it in all the usual places (Reverb, Facebook, etc.), and yes, it is as mystical and ‘watery’ as the title implies… in 3/4 time no less, which would make it sort of  a ‘waltz’, I think, but probably unlike any waltz I’ve heard. I figured at some point I was going to delve into various astrological configurations to use as song titles – owing to the fact that I have been a professional astrologer for almost 3 decades now – but I didn’t think it was going to be this soon, so now the Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no turning back!…

“Yes, sometimes some of my friends would swear I come from ‘another planet’, but really, I was just born in New Jersey… “

Also, if you haven’t downloaded “The Clouds Form on the Left” for free yet (just sign up on the ReverbNation mailing list for Nights on Venus), you might want to do that in the next week or so as that freebie is going away, but another free download will be available soon to take its place – just haven’t decided which song yet.

Update from the Todd Rundgren Fan Family Compassion Fund: donations are still coming in and being accepted – this will be an ongoing disaster relief effort and as of March 27th, $6,559 has been raised from 167 donors. Visit the site for more info and/or to donate… The goal is to raise at least $10,000. Also visit the American Red Cross to donate to continuing disaster relief efforts in Japan. Enjoy this performance of “Love Is the Answer” by Todd, recorded live in Tokyo in 1992.


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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