getting my bearings (a.k.a., ‘yes, my GPS really was useless here’)

Hello, welcome! This is now officially the second post…

Before we go any further, I should tell you there is no “band” in the usual collective sense – it’s just me, your host, Craig “Professor” Thomas (a momentary revisit to my DJ days at the “mighty Goat” radio). I’m it for now.

Your GPS Is Useless Here” was the last song I finished up before leaving Colorado to come back to Big D and it turned out to be fairly prophetic. Almost the very first thing that happened when I got back was that we had several inches of snow and ice for a few days; if you watched any of Super Bowl week leading up to the game, you probably saw how everything comes to a standstill when north Texas gets one of these infrequent snowstorms. I ended up getting cabin fever worse than I normally would have back in CO; work on a new song, “Desolation Highway”, also came to a complete stop. For a couple of weeks it was pretty disorienting… a ‘creative lull’ so to speak, but it really threw me off and I’m only now getting back ‘in the groove’.

We’re into March now… In the past week the Nights on Venus store on the NoV ReverbNation page went up and “Perpetual” is available as an MP3 single. “Desolation Highway” has morphed into “Drive Straight Through” which I’m currently adding finishing touches to, along with another song “Nights From a Rooftop”. “Nights…” is actually the first unofficial NoV song, i.e., before I was calling what I was doing Nights on Venus. The musical changes on “Drive…” probably mirror my relocation here and the transitional period of the previous month. I tend to think songs have a mind of their own and usually let you know where they want to go. This one veered off in an unexpected direction (‘organically’ of course) and I’ve just been trying to keep up. Look for “Nights From a Rooftop” to be online probably in the following week.

What’s new:

The Todd Rundgren Fan Family Compassion Fund at This site was created by “the concert going and social networking Family of Todd Rundgren fans (of which I’m one) who are reaching out to offer a hand of friendship and comfort to our friends in Japan who have suffered the earthquakes and tsunami of March 2011.” Visit the site for more info and/or to donate… As of this morning, over $3,200 has been raised.

“We humbly send our Japanese friends love, comfort, and HEALING and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate “Love in Action.”


Author: nightsonvenus

Musician and producer with the band Nights on Venus.

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